Walking On Broken Glass

Watching the news has turned into something I once enjoyed to now a draining event for me. Not too long ago, I watched the news religiously, and for hours on end. I came to realize that the news was just too overwhelming – that I was feeling too much and becoming upset over things I can’t control. Now, I watch the news a couple of times a week, just to touch base with what’s going on. Today I turned on the news to see the aftermath of the tornado in Joplin, MO. The scenes are unreal.

I found myself thinking about other natural disasters, such as Katrina, landslides and wildfires in California, earthquakes in Japan and so on. Throughout life, we may be faced with hardships, some people more often and much harder than others. After the storms in life, both physically and figuratively, pass and leave their damage, how is it that people go on? How can one continue through life, trying to fit jagged pieces together that just don’t fit?

Some people may answer these questions with a simple, “It’s easy. You just put the past behind you and continue to go through life as it’s intended to be.” However, what happens when your past holds you back and you can’t help but think of the negativity of the elements around you at that time. If you lose all of your favorite possessions and family members in a tornado, how can someone recover from that?

Just as Mother Nature can devastate the nature around us, our past can also create unneeded turmoil that’s present today. It is definitely important to discover and work on the elements in our lives that are hindering our growth. What can you do to nurture yourself so your soul can heal and you can continue to go through life ?  What tools do you already possess that you can use to deweed the soul from being smothered with overgrowth? How can you expand your personal horizons so whatever has happened to you in the past is now so far behind you that you can exude tons of energy to propel you in the future?

A great exercise is to evaluate the people in your life and those who can support you during your time of need. Do you have a solid foundation of family and friends, community, church, etc that you can turn to? Do you find that there are people that you are holding onto that aren’t serving you but instead hindering you from growing? What is it about keeping negative people in your life that is of benefit to you? How are the people who lift you up help  you towards your goals?

Life is sure to change with the wind. Things in your life now can be gone tomorrow. Do you have the right tools, people in your life, and self strength to get through such hurdles? What can you do to prepare for your personal goals and leave the past behind you?


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