Where the Green Grass Grows

Last week I saw a twitter post that made me chuckle. If I remember correctly, it said that, “the grass is greener on the other side – because your neighbors use pesticides and chemicals”. How true is that? Why is it that as a society we are wanting things we don’t have, when your neighbor’s life may be filled with false pretenses to make everything appear “greener”?

Where we have lost our focus on self is realizing that we can generate our own happiness. We often do not have to go outside of ourselves to look for it. Sometimes we do become curious and see what makes others so happy, only to realize that they may not be happy at all. It might be a huge show that they put on to pretend that they are happy.

What can you do to make your own grass greener? What can you use to fertilize your soul and make your own soul grow so grand that others wonder what is making you happy? I often write down things I am grateful for. Items that may seem the most mundane to some is what I truly cherish. I appreciate when I hear birds sing because it means I took the time to notice their pretty song. It means that I am being still long enough to choose to hear their voices over the chaos of the city noises all around me. I listen to music with positive messages and read quotes that inspire me. I share personal thoughts with others if in the hopes that it will get them to think as well. I love sharing happiness and new knowledge with those around me. That is what truly makes me shine in my own element. Being compassionate and loving wholeheartedly without any strings attached is what makes my grass grow.

Today, I am thankful for the beautiful weather, my pets sleeping soundly, the quietness of the house and getting up early to blog this post. I am often happiest when everything around me is quiet and still, and I can truly focus on my thoughts .When I can articulate with my writing what I can’t express verbally is when I truly shine. My own life experiences and personal reflections on how to continue on this positive path is what makes me grow.

What makes your grass grow? What can you do, in this very moment, to give thanks for all  you have in your life? What can you do at ANY moment in time to realize that you have all the happiness you could possibly want inside of you? What types of nourishment do you need to make your soul grow and continue to harvest the happiness?

Remember to always count your blessings – even if it means counting all the blades of green grass. 🙂


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  1. Jonboistars
    May 16, 2011 @ 09:22:50

    Reading this takes me back to many parts in my life when this term ” The grass is greener on the other side” and it was said by two important people in my life who betrayed me after I thought that the “grass was greener on the other side” many times it wasn’t greener but I trust my self and I would say trusting my self In my bumps In life experiences, to always move forward cause when ever you hit bottom there is only one way to go! up . Trusting my self in what I think is right for me “Makes my grass grow”.


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